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Research focus: Healthy Ecosystems



Research within the Healthy Ecosystems Impact Area will be delivered via three streams:

The priority focus in 2016/17 is the River Murray under the Catchments stream.

The Research Program of the Goyder Institute is guided by South Australian Government strategies, policy and implementation documents and agreements.

Fulfilling the Premier’s economic priorities of “Unlocking the full potential of South Australia’s resources, energy and renewable assets”, “Premium food and wine produced in our clean environment and exported to the world”, and “Adelaide, the heart of the vibrant State” will require an investment in research to develop new solutions that facilitate opportunities for sustainable industry development and promote stewardship of the State’s environmental assets.

The Healthy Ecosystems Impact Area expands on the activities of the first five years of the Institute that included a significant focus on the Murray-Darling Basin, inland waters such as the South-East, Mount Lofty Ranges and Lake Eyre Basin, and socio-economic assessment of Marine Park Sanctuary Zones. These areas continue to be a priority for State Government in achieving optimal outcomes for the environment while also balancing social and economic outcomes in the context of a changing climate, stewardship and competing water demands.

The Healthy Ecosystems Impact Area will focus on:

The following projects are under development for the Goyder Institute under the Health Ecosystems Impact Area: