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The establishment of the Goyder Institute for Water Research in 2010 has enabled critical further investment in water research and the next generation of knowledge to guide smart water use.

The research funded by the Goyder Institute during its first phase focussed across four enduring research themes:

The Goyder Institute Strategic Research Plan 2011-2015 detailed the strategic outcomes for this research program.

 Urban Water

 Water for Industry

 Environmental Water

 Climate Change

In the Urban Water research theme there were several projects aimed at supporting the development of an Integrated Water Plan for Greater Adelaide and to ensure that Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) formed an integral part of future urban design.

The Goyder Institute examined the use of alternative water sources for fit-for-purpose water supplies including options for harvesting, storage and recycling of stormwater, and has made several contributions to the development of the South Australian Stormwater Strategy and to the preparation of the Urban Water Blueprint.

Allied projects under the Water for Industry research theme researched the storage capacity, sustainable yield and salinity constraints of the Adelaide Plains groundwater resources, Mounty Lofty Ranges water resource modelling of surface water quantity and quality across the catchments, and the hydro-ecological response of catchment environmental assets to water availability. These complemented and contributed to the Urban Water program.

Managed Aquifer Recharge and Stormwater Use Options (MARSUO)

To support management of stormwater reuse, the MARSUO project was designed to assess risks associated with different stormwater use options and determine how they can be managed to inform assessment of the net public benefits of potable options, and to determine the level of community support for these options.

Studies of satellite sites in Australia and overseas were undertaken to compare stormwater quality and treatment requirements for reuse. The Parafield stormwater harvesting scheme at Salisbury in South Australia was a key case study in this project.

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