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Research focus: Economic development



The Research Program of the Goyder Institute is guided by South Australian Government strategies, policy and implementation documents and agreements. 

Fulfilling the Premier’s economic priorities of “Unlocking the full potential of South Australia’s resources, energy and renewable assets”, “Premium food and wine produced in our clean environment and exported to the world”, and “Adelaide, the heart of the vibrant State” will require an investment in research to develop new solutions that facilitate opportunities for sustainable industry development and promote stewardship of the State’s environmental assets. 

The focus of the Economic Development Impact Area is to address the relevant State Government priorities by:

The Economic Development impact area will be delivered through three programs: 

Water continues to be a challenging State issue where independent science is needed to assist Government in addressing key economic and industry development imperatives, particularly in the mining and agriculture sectors. There are also regional communities – in particular, remote indigenous communities – where a secure water supply continues to be a key issue. Looking forward, there is potential for significant investment over the next 10 years in the mining, food and wine sectors. Collaborative, demand-driven research is required to underpin sustainable growth and productivity in these sectors and to enable South Australia to prosper. Finding sustainable water resources to support mining development will enable the mining sector to grow whilst ensuring that key community and environmental assets are maintained. A state-wide strategic approach to the provision and sourcing of water will deliver the most cost-effective and prudent management of water supply and management of waste streams for mine sites, mining camps and outback communities that do not have reliable supplies of water. 

The Northern Adelaide Plains is one of the premium food and wine regions of South Australia. There is opportunity for expansion of this region to provide new employment opportunities in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. Science can support this expansion through enhanced understanding of the utilisation of recycled water, stormwater and groundwater resources of varying qualities available in this region. The Goyder Institute can provide thought leadership in developing options for future industries and delivery of services that are visionary, integrated and sustainable.

The following projects are under development for the Goyder Institute under the Economic Development Impact Area: