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Goyder Water Forum 2017 


The Goyder Institute for Water Research held its biennial Water Forum in July 2017. The conference delivered a range of presentations on Goyder Institute projects and other water research from South Australia and beyond.


Below you will find a selection of presentations from the event.


PIRSA's Northern Adelaide Agribusiness Initiative
Daniel Casement, Executive Director, Rural Solutions (PIRSA)


Multiple use: water for business growth on the Northern Adelaide Plains
Anne Moroney, CEO, RDA Barossa


The Water Resource Stocktake of the Greater Norther Adelaide Region
Dr Mark Siebentritt, Seed Consulting


GOYDER RESEARCH: Sustainable Expansion of Irrigated Agriculture and Horticulture in the Northern Adelaide Plains


GOYDER RESEARCH: Small-scale Desalination Demonstration/Trial
Dr Yasodinee Wimalasiri, UniSA


SARDI Northern Adelaide Plains research
Dr Kathy Ophel Keller, SARDI


Restoring low flows to reduce risks to ecosystems

Kumar Savadamuthu, DEWNR


Ecological response to the restoration of low flows in intermittent streams

Dr Douglas Green, DEWNR


Low flow trials - learnings involving innovative designs

Paul Wainwright, DEWNR


Investigating the relationship of low flows to local scale hydrology

Alicja Makarewicz, University of Adelaide


Demonstrating the hydro-ecological response to the return of low flows in the MLR: Monitoring and eveluation framework

Dr Sally Maxwell, DEWNR



Understanding water requirements of a Black Box: a drip irrigation study

Dr Tanya Doody, CSIRO


Managing River Murray floodplain groundwater for ecological response

Virginia Riches, DEWNR


Managing a natural river, an artificial lake and community expectations in an urban environment: Adelaide's very own River Torrens

Dr Nadine Kilsby, DEWNR


Calcium and stronium isotope constraints on the freshwater/saltwater mixing, groundwater inputs, and carbonate fluxes in the Coorong Lagoon and Murray Mouth Estuary, South Australia

Dr Juraj Farkas, University of Adelaide



Why the South Australian water sector need to look internationally to ensure furture growth and the important role research willl play

Rachel Barratt, Water Industry Alliance

Undertaking a rapid pollution assessment Ayeyarwady Basin, Myanmar

Chris O'Neill, Hydronumerics

Recharge from ephemeral stream check dams in a hard rock area of Rajasthan, India and relevance to South Australia

Dr Peter Dillon, CSIRO

How does hydrological connectivity control C & N dynamics in river floodplain systems?

Dr Nina Welti, CSIRO


The Great Australian Bight Collaborative Research Program

Dr Gavin Begg, SARDI

A role for modellng in the sustainable management of discharges to the coast

Milena Fernandes, SA Water

GOYDER RESEARCH: Coastal Carbon Opportunities - demonstrating additionality and potential for future offsets in South Australia

Dr Michelle Waycott, DEWNR



The Bool: Balancing flows for both ecological and flood mitigation in a RAMSAR listed wetland

Ryan Judd, DEWNR


Die back and lack of regeneration in River Red Gum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis) communities in the Northern & Yorke Region 2008-2016

Dr Anne Jensen, Environmental Consultant


The impact of drought and water scarcity on irrigator farm exit intentions in the southern Murray-Darling Basin

Prof Sarah Wheeler, University of Adelaide


High rate algal ponds for community wastewater management schemes

Prof Howard Fallowfield, Flinders University




Dr Luk Peeters, CSIRO


Our knowledge of groundwater is imperfect. Regulatory and legislative structures are more effective when they acknowledge that.

Simone Stewart, DEWNR


Approach in source identification of groundwater nitrate contamination

Pragya Pradhan Shrestha, Flinders University/NCGRT


A coupled lake-groundwater model applied to lakes in the Newer Volcanic Province

Martin Ankor, University of Adelaide


Hydrogeological characterisation of geolineaments from the Central Flinders Ranges 

Alaa Ahymed, UniSA



Towards a low-carbon economy: South Australia's climate change strategy 2015-2050

Simon Sherriff, DEWNR


Modelling effects of climate change and operational factors on the reliability of a stormwater harvesting and managed aquifer recharge scheme

Dennis Gonzalez, CSIRO


GOYDER RESEARCH: Climate resilience analysis framwork and tools

Assoc Prof Seth Westra, University of Adelaide


Scenario-neutral climate impact assessment of a stormwater capture a managed aquifer recharge scheme

Dr Bree Bennett, University of Adelaide


Emerging approaches to climate adaption decision making in the water sector

Dr Mark Siebentritt, Seed Consulting


Taming the beast: a pragmatic approach to dealing with SA CLimate Ready's 900,000 datasets in a water resource management application

Roger Cranswick, DEWNR


Imapact of evapotranspiration process representation on runoff projections from conceptual rainfall-runoff models

Danlu Guo, University of Adelaide


Comparison of MODIS and SWAT evapotranspiration over complex terrain at different spatial scales

Olanrewaju Abiodun, Flinders University


Using water temperature data and open source software to assess vertical water flow

Dr Dylan J. Irvine, Flinders University


Field parameterization to determine trigger mechanisms of streamflow generation in an ephemeral-intermittent system, South Australia

Karina Gutierrez, Flinders University



Brining data together to create a wealth of water information

Linton Johnston, Bureau of Meteorology


Is model calibration good enough? A case study of the Chowilla Floodplain modelling demonstrates the benefits of model post-audits

Chris Li, DEWNR



Sediments with hydrodynamically-driven flow: Significance for the nutrient budget of streams and coastal waters

Dr Sebastien Lamontagne, CSIRO


Future climate and land uses effects on flow and nutrient loads in the Onkaparinga Catchment of South Australia

Manoj Kumar Shrestha, University of Adelaide


A Cathment Management Decision Support Model (CMDSM): Land-use and expected water quality of water resources for drinking water supply

John Awad, UniSA


Multistakeholder optimization for integrated catchment management: Finding an equitable project portfolio using visual analytics

Michael Di Matteo, University of Adelaide


Low frequency patterns of drought and flood in south-eastern Australia

Jonathan Tyler, University of Adelaide



Dry Creek saltfield: past, present and future

Dr Murray Townsend, DEWNR


GOYDER RESEARCH: From Salt to C - carbon sequestration through ecological restoration at the Dry Creek saltfield

Russell Seaman, DEWNR & Dr Luke Mosley, University of Adelaide


Soil carbon flux dynamics in an arid environment in South Australia and its implications

Gabriel Shepherd, Flinders University


Carbon storage potential in vegetated coastal sediments and the impacts of agricultural run-off

Christina Asanopoulos, University of Adelaide