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Project E.2.6
South East Regional Water Balance Phase 2
Status Completed

Project Leader:
Dr Nikki Harrington & Dr Leanne Morgan, Flinders University
Project Partners:
Flinders University, CSIRO
Research Theme:
Environmental Water
Surface Water, Groundwater, Wetland Relationships


Project Overview

Progress Update and Key Findings

Adoption and Impact

Project Documents

A Hydrostratigraphic Model for the Shallow Aquifer Systems of the Gambier Basin and South Western Murray Basin (15/15)
A MODFLOW-based approach to simulating wetland-groundwater interactions in the Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Area (15/12)
Development of a Groundwater Extraction Dataset for the South East of South Australia: 1970-2013 (15/17)
Development of Preliminary 1969 and 1983 Land Use Maps for the South East of SA (15/16)
Evaluation of groundwater-surface water interactions at Bool Lagoon and Lake Robe using environmental tracers (15/14)
Goyder South East Project - A new approach for modelling groundwater recharge in the South East of South Australia using MODFLOW (15/26)
Groundwater-surface water interactions at Bool Lagoon, Lake Robe and Deadman Swamp (Limestone Coast, SA): Data review (15/13)
South East Regional Balance Project - Phase 2 Project Summary Report (15/39)
South East Regional Water Balance Project - Phase 2 Development of a Regional Groundwater Flow Model (15/38)

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