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Presentations from the inaugural Goyder Institute Annual Water Forum 2012 are available for download below:


The three-headed dog of Australian climate, its tail, and the elephant in the room  (2.52 MB)

Wenju Cai, CSIRO

Murray Flood Ecology: ecological responses to flooding in the lower River Murray following a drought (2.68 MB)

Qifeng Ye, SARDI

SA Water’s Research Program: Addressing Business Risks (693 KB)

Mike Burch, Manager, Research & Innovation, AWQC

Science supporting Policy (295 KB)

Michelle Bald, Department for Water (SA) 

The Expert Panel Approach (485 KB)

Sebastien Lamontagne, CSIRO

Surface Water – Groundwater Interaction around Drains in the South East of SA (2.92 MB)

Nikki Harrington, Flinders University

Using recent wetting events to detect salinity thresholds for aquatic plants in the South East (1.64 MB)

Kane Aldridge, Adelaide University

River Torrens Water Quality Improvement Trial (1.09 MB)

Justin Brookes, Adelaide University

MARSUO (1.45 MB)

Declan Page, CSIRO


Baden Myers, UniSA

Keynote Address: Australian Urban Water Research Coordination and Needs Analysis (544 KB)

Mark O’Donohue, CEO, Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence and

James Cameron, CEO, National Water Commission

Water Resource Challenges in Western Australia (1.23 MB)

Patrick Seares, Director Water Allocation and Assessment, WA Department of Water

Climate Change Projections for South Australia (869 KB)

Simon Beecham, UniSA

Urban Water Blueprint (162 KB)

Julia Grant, Executive Director, Policy and Strategy, Department for Water (SA)

Adelaide’s Water Mix (494 KB)

Karen Rouse, Principal Strategist Future Environment & Sustainability, SA Water

A capacity-building program for water-sensitive urban design in South Australia (119 KB)

Sam Phillips, Water Projects Engineer, Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board

Unconventional gas production & water: an overview (735 KB)

Peter Stone, Deputy Chief, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

PACE 2020: Plan for Accelerating Exploration (2010 to 2014) (2.68 MB)

Paul Heithersay, Deputy Chief Executive, DMITRE

Facilitating Long Term Out-Back Water Solutions (G-FLOWS) Initiative (6.22 MB)

Tim Munday, CSIRO