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We've turned three!

Jun 18, 2013
Author: Goyder Institute


June 2013 represents the third year anniversary of the Goyder Institute for Water Research.

We have achieved much to-date and there are still quite a few exciting challenges to be addressed in the coming years. We have already committed upwards of $33M to dedicated research activities, which in turn has attracted more than $8M in additional support from agencies and external stakeholders.

Our 2013/14 Annual R&D Plan that is due for release in early July will detail all of our investments and achievements and will provide some indications about how we plan to commit another $10M to new research activities in the coming years.

The initial term of the Goyder Institute ends in June 2015, but we have already started discussions with our key stakeholders to examine the possibilities for extending beyond this date.

We believe that our track record will speak for itself when it comes to demonstrating the immense value that the Goyder Institute has delivered to water research in Australia in general and to the people of South Australia in particular. 

In the first 6 months of 2013, we produced another 8 reports in our Technical Report Series, with several more still in the pipeline. All reports can be downloaded from our website.