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DEWNR works with Goyder Institute on developing model for River Murray Floodplain

Dec 15, 2014
Author: Goyder Institute


DEWNR staff are working with the Goyder Institute to improve in-house capacity to model salt dynamics on the River Murray Floodplain.

The River Murray is unusual in that it is a major river system than flows through an extensive landscape with highly saline groundwater. In recent decades state and federal governments have invested in research and engineering works to control the salinity. This has been extremely successful and the focus of salinity management has now widened to include the management of floodplain salinity in order to improve the health of the riparian ecosystem.

To address this need the Goyder Institute funded the project ‘Modelling salt dynamics on the River Murray Floodplain’ which is led by DEWNR’s Principal Groundwater Modeller Dr Juliette Woods. Juliette also holds a joint position as a Research Fellow at Flinders University.

The project also involves collaboration with CSIRO and Flinders University and has greatly benefitted from the expertise provide by the Flinders Research Associate, Tariq Laattoe. This project will enable DEWNR to increase its internal capacity in floodplain modelling and allow different management options to be considered in-house. The project will provide foundational knowledge, data and outcomes for existing and emerging government priorities, including the Murray Futures Riverine Recovery Program, South Australian Riverland Floodplain Integrated Infrastructure Program (SARFIIP) and future salinity management activities.

DEWNR staff have provided groundwater information, logistical support and modelling expertise. They have also provided have provided project oversight through their involvement with the Policy Advisory Committee.