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Karlene Maywald appoined SA Strategic Adviser Water Opportunities

Aug 14, 2015
Author: Goyder Institute


With South Australia’s water expertise under high demand in markets across the globe, former Chair of Australia’s National Water Commission, Karlene Maywald, has been appointed as Strategic Advisor – Water Opportunities.

Ms Maywald will assist in selling South Australia’s water expertise globally, where South Australia is a leader in water policy development, efficient irrigation, managed aquifer recharge, small scale wastewater management, water quality analysis and management and predictive analytics and modelling,

With growing international interest from governments wanting to engage with the South Australian water sector, the Goyder Institute is currently working with the State Government to identify opportunities for sharing the research knowledge harnessed by the Institute with international partners.

Director of the Goyder Institute, Dr Michele Akeroyd is attending a trade delegation in India this week with Ms Maywald, who is  is playing a key role in building South Australia’s relationship with the Rajasthan Government.

Ms Maywald said there are many exciting opportunities for South Australia in the area of water and environmental management, including the provision of knowledge and training.  

“South Australia has enormous capacity in the water sector, particularly in the areas of research, capacity building and water planning.  Organisations like the Goyder Institute and the International Centre of Excellence in Water and Natural Resources bring together strong partnerships with our Universities, the CSIRO and Government agencies.” Ms Maywald said.