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Sister-State Agreement with Rajasthan, India

Aug 22, 2016
Author: Goyder Institute


The Goyder Institute is supporting the South Australian Government to deliver a water action plan as part of South Australia’s Sister-State Agreement with Rajasthan, India.

At the time of signing the Sister-State Agreement in November 2015, Minister for Investment and Trade, Martin Hamilton-Smith, said that South Australia’s expertise in sustainable water management would play a critical role in further improving water access and security for businesses and communities in Rajasthan.

“Our collaboration on sustainable water management will facilitate investment in South Australian water research, policy and technical capabilities in a number of areas, such as groundwater research, water quality, aquifer recharge and education training and capacity building,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said. “Rajasthan comprises about 10 per cent of India’s land mass and about five per cent of the country’s population, but has marginally over one per cent of the country’s water resources.

“Over two-thirds of Rajasthan is identified as desert yet it is a major producer of agricultural crops.

“This makes water conservation and management and environmental sustainability key priorities for the current and future prosperity of the region.”

The Goyder Institute is participating in delegations and providing input to proposals by the State Government. While currently still at policy level, the outcomes will see us linking researchers from South Australia with researchers in Rajasthan in order to build state capability and identify opportunities for joint research projects.

Further information about the Sister-State Agreement can be found here.