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Goyder Institute finalists in the 2018 Smart Water Awards

Jul 10, 2018
Author: Goyder Institute


The Water Industry Alliance held their 2018 Smart Water Awards at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 6 July 2018. The awards recognise and celebrate Alliance members for their leading-edge expertise and innovation.

Two groups of Goyder Institute for Water projects were finalists in separate categories.

A group of Goyder Institute projects relating to Finding long-term outback water solutions (G-FLOWS) project was a finalist in the Innovation Category. Stage 3 of the G-FLOWS projects involves acquiring and interpreting data and mapping groundwater resources in the Musgrave Province and on the Eyre Peninsula. The Musgrave Province is considered a priority frontier mineral exploration area, where water is critical to the success of current and future mining projects. G-FLOWS brings together a project team of over 20 staff with expertise in hydrogeology, hydrology, geophysics, groundwater modelling, spatial analysis and programming from CSIRO, Flinders University and the Department for Environment and Water. This project is led by Adrian Costar of DEW.

A group of Goyder Institute projects relating to research on the Northern Adelaide Plains was a finalist in the Alliancing Category. These projects relate to Growing South Australia’s food bowl and have involved a high degree of collaboration between researchers, industry and government, including researchers from SARDI, Flinders University, University of South Australia, University of Adelaide, CSIRO, and SA Water. Current projects include work on small-scale desalinisation, sustainable use of recycled wastewater for production of high value crops such as almond and collection of baseline information required to model the sustainability of using recycled water for irrigated horticulture. These projects focus on the water–energy–food nexus, currently one of the most challenging and topical issues across the world. The current Goyder Institute project on sustainable use of recycled wastewater is led by Professor Jim Cox of SARDI.

You can read more about the winners and finalists here.

Congratulations to the winners and the Goyder Institute project teams.