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Future water challenges and opportunities highlighted in NRM conference panel session

Apr 13, 2018
Author: Goyder Institute


The Goyder Institute for Water Research’s panel session at April’s NRM Science Conference – Water in South Australia: Future challenges and opportunities – discussed the issue of water security surrounding the Murray-Darling Basin and future alternative water sources for the state.

Chaired by Water Industry Alliance CEO Rachel Barratt, the panel included Department for Environment and Water’s Ben Bruce, SA Water’s Greg Ingleton and Primary Producers SA’s Hon. Rob Kerin.

The panel shared various examples of where greater knowledge and innovation in the industry is driving smarter water solutions and agreed that science has a critical role to play in solving future water challenges and supporting sustainable development of the State.

“My belief is Adelaide is the best city in Australia for the ability to capture and reuse our treated wastewater and our stormwater,” Ingleton said. “We’ve got aquifer systems and the infrastructure positioned in the right places, all we need is the ability and a change in governance and thinking about those different water sources to be able to use the right water for the right purpose – and I think we’ll get some big changes there.”

“A lot of water science is about efficiency, getting the greatest productivity out of the amount of water we’ve got,” Kerin added. “Science plays a really important role in ensuring we get that right.”

The Institute also held a conference session on carbon sequestration and in total there were eight presentations relating to Institute projects.

Visit the NRM Science Conference website to find out more about the two-day event.