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Goyder Institute Research Definition Workshop – Carbon Neutral

Oct 4, 2016
Author: Goyder Institute


The South Australian Government, led by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and the Low Carbon Economy Unit (LCEU) of the Department of Premier and Cabinet will develop a State Carbon Sequestration Strategy to identify carbon sequestration opportunities that could be pursued to achieve South Australia’s goals of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and realise the economic and enhanced adaptive capacity benefits from strong and timely action on climate change. This work will also identify potential carbon sequestration and emissions abatement offsets to realise the commitment for the City of Adelaide to be the world’s first carbon neutral city.

There is limited information available with which to advise the planning of a mix of carbon offset activities within South Australia that will provide the optimum value, in terms of carbon offsets per dollar, to support the implementation of the State Carbon Sequestration Strategy. Research to be proposed will aim to support the further development of a diversified portfolio of offset options to mitigate risk and capture the most cost-effective opportunities available for each option.

The Goyder Institute for Water Research will hold a Carbon Neutral workshop to bring together researchers and policy makers to refine the scope of this research program. Anyone who is interested in attending and contributing to this important discussion should register online. Chaired by sustainability consultant Mark Siebentritt, the workshop will be held in Adelaide on Tuesday October 18 to consult with potential research partners, identify the scope of research, and provide details on the project development process.

A call for expressions of interest from Goyder Institute research partners will be administered following the workshop. This process will seek to identify the primary research questions to be addressed to support a cost-effective mix of carbon offset activities within SA and the most appropriate research approach.