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Goyder Institute finalist in SA Climate Leaders Awards

Nov 22, 2018
Author: Angela Lush


The Goyder Institute for Water was a finalist in the Government category of the Premier’s Climate Change Council SA Climate Leader Awards, announced on 31 October 2018. The SA Climate Leader Awards recognise the achievements of individuals and organisations who take action to address climate change in South Australia.

The Goyder Institute has a suite of projects within its Climate Action Impact Area that are working to ensure SA’s sustainability by understanding climate change impacts, preparing systems to adapt, and providing accessible information. The Institute’s projects have:

  • developed downscaled climate projections covering South Australia’s regions (Climate Ready)
  • created tools to identify ways to address climate-related vulnerabilities in systems (CRAFT)
  • identified opportunities for offsetting green-house gas (GHG) emissions (Carbon Offsets)
  • investigated the impact of coastal restoration, management, and human activities on the carbon offset potential of coastal habitats (Coastal–C and Salt to C)
  • explored the carbon offset potential of increasing soil organic carbon in clay-modified soils (Soil-C).

Goyder Institute Director Dr Kane Aldridge accepted the award on behalf of the Institute’s Climate Action Impact team and their collaborators saying: “Partnership and collaboration at every level is what makes the Goyder Institute and its Climate Action Impact Area unique”.

Goyder Institute researcher Associate Professor Seth Westra won the individual category for inspiring future leaders in sustainability and climate risk. Assoc. Professor Westra is the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation in the faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide and has made significant contributions to climate change research, in particular in our understanding of how climate change is intensifying the global hydrological cycle. He led the Institute’s climate resilience analysis framework and tools (CRAFT) project, which developed new tools to help planners and policy-makers assess the impact of climate change on water resource systems and guide adaption planning. Congratulations Seth!