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2018--19 annual R&D plan outlines future research for the Institute

Oct 30, 2018
Author: Goyder Institute


The Goyder Institute for Water Research has released its Annual Research and Development Plan and Budget for 2018–19. A companion to the Institute’s Strategic Research Plan 2015–2019, the annual R&D plan summarises the achievements of the previous year and sets out the planned research and knowledge management activities for the year ahead.

2018–2019 will be an important year for the Institute, with the completion of all second-term research projects. The Institute will also continue to facilitate the uptake of the knowledge generated by these projects into decision-making through various knowledge management activities, such as the production of synthesis papers and fact-sheets and undertaking knowledge adoption workshops.

In 2017-2018, the Management Board extended the Institute to 2020 using the current funding tranche to support the successful delivery of knowledge management activities and to facilitate a transition of the Institute to its third-term. This will include pursuing new research opportunities with multiple partners, including interstate, Commonwealth and international governments and industries, to complement State government initiatives. Example research opportunities are outlined in the R&D plan.
These projects and initiatives will build on the Institute’s successful programs in three Impact Areas: Economic Development, Healthy Ecosystems and Climate Action.

In 2017-2018, the Institute established five new research and expert advice projects, including:

2018-2019 will see the establishment of an additional project – Independent review of science underpinning reductions to licensed water allocation volumes proposed in the Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan – within the Economic Development Impact Area. The remaining research funds of the Institute will be allocated to strategic priorities of the State Government as they arise under the direction of the Research Advisory Committee and Management Board.
The Goyder Institute continues to develop on pace – ahead of target budgets outlined in the Institute’s Strategic Research Plan 2015–2019 – and welcomes the opportunity to engage with its stakeholders.

Contact Goyder Institute Director Kane Aldridge to discuss any collaborative opportunities, where new knowledge could help inform decisions related to the sustainable development and management of water resources.
You can read the full details of the Annual Research and Development Plan and Budget 2018–19 here.