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Work commences on G-FLOWS 3

Apr 7, 2017
Author: Goyder Institute


Stage 3 of the Goyder Institute’s Finding Long-term Outback Water Solutions research project (G-FLOWS 3) is in progress.

The South Australian Government has identified the Musgrave geological province (Musgrave Province), located in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the far north of the state, as an important area for industry development. As water supply will be a major issue for developments in these remote arid areas, there is a need to better understand the potential of groundwater resources to supply water of suitable quality and quantity for development opportunities such as community water supplies, aboriginal pastoral industry development and potential mineral development. The project team is liaising closely with the APY Executive in the conduct of this project.

G-FLOWS Stage 3 will place a particular emphasis on building on and extending the scientific approaches taken in G-FLOWS Stage 1 and G-FLOWS Stage 2, specifically by extending the geophysical inversion process which is expected to reduce uncertainty in groundwater resource characterisation. The approach validates, refines and improves geophysical interpretation techniques for groundwater hydrology with integrated hydrogeophysical conceptualisation, characterisation, and modelling. A key output of G‐FLOWS Stage 3 will be a repeatable methodology that integrates datasets to identify and characterise groundwater resources.

This project will undertake a targeted program of data acquisition, interpretation and mapping of groundwater resources in the Musgrave Province of South Australia. The research will apply innovative new modelling and interpretive techniques to help identify groundwater resources and better understand the hydrogeological environments in which they exist. 

The G-FLOWS Stage 3 project will support the South Australian Government’s FLOWS initiative to locate, define and quantify groundwater resources in key areas of the state. The Musgrave Province is considered a priority frontier mineral exploration area identified in the South Australian Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan (2014), where water is or will be a critical factor in the success of current and future mining projects.  G-FLOWS Stage 3 will improve mapping and quantification of groundwater resource availability in the area and will provide the local community with the necessary information to make informed decisions on any potential development. The project will improve mapping and quantification of groundwater resource availability in the Musgrave Province where the G-FLOWS Stage 1 project was focused.

The G-FLOWS Stage 3 project will deliver new data and information into the location and extent of groundwater resources in the Musgrave Province that will help to eliminate some significant risks faced when developing projects and allow for more informed decision-making and robust feasibility studies by potential developers and investors as well as reducing project assessment times. The new methodologies and processing techniques developed through G-FLOWS are designed for direct application elsewhere in Australia and overseas where valuable water resources are hidden by deep sediments and cover.