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Annual R&D Plan now available online

Dec 9, 2017
Author: Goyder Institute


The Goyder Institute for Water Research's Annual Research and Development Plan is now availble to view on our website.

The Annual R&D Plan describes the progress of ongoing projects and the development of new projects that are the mechanism for achieving the objectives of the Institute's three research Impact Areas: Economic Development, Healthy Ecosystems and Climate Action.

The plan outlines four new research projects that will get underway in 2017-2018, including one in the Climate Action Impact Area:

  • Assessing South Australian carbon offset supply and policy for co-beneficial offsets

The other three new research projects make-up the Healthy Ecosystems Impact Area:

  • Ecological connectivity of the River Murray: managing ecological outcomes and water quality risks through integrated river management
  • Socio-ecological assessment of the ecosystems, industries and communities of Spencer Gulf
  • Translating Ngarrindjeri Yannarumi into water resource risk assessment

All new projects will complement the four projects underway in the Climate Action Impact Area and the three projects underway in the Economic Development Impact Area.

Click here to view the Annual R&D Plan.