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Announcement from the Chair: Institute leadership update

Aug 31, 2017
Author: Hon John Hill


Following the announcement that Dr Michele Akeroyd will be leaving the Institute, the Board have decided to appoint Dr Kane Aldridge as Acting Director of the Institute for the next six months. During this time Kane will be focussed on continuing to ensure the effective delivery of the Institutes research portfolio and the relationship of existing research projects to water policy.

The Board considered Kane to be a fitting appointment for the next six months given his extensive experience in the science-policy interface within the water sector. Kane currently has a joint-appointment with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and The University of Adelaide. The focus of Kane’s work has been on developing and applying knowledge to inform implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. This has included a scientific advisory role within the department and a research leadership role within the university. Kane already has a strong affiliation with the Goyder Institute and all of its Partners, having been an integral team member of a number of Goyder Institute research projects.

On behalf of the Board, Partners and staff of the Goyder Institute I would like to welcome Kane.

We are currently working through the transition arrangements with Kane and his current employees. During the transition phase Kane can be contacted on 0458 976 999 or at director@goyderinstitute.org

If you have any general enquiries, please contact enquiries@goyderinstitute.org.