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Goyder Institute Staff



Dr Kane Aldridge, Director

Kane was appointed as Director of the Goyder Institute in September 2017. This followed an ongoing and productive association with the Goyder Institute since its commencement, with Kane in leadership roles for several Goyder Institute research projects during this time.

Kane has extensive experience in the science-policy interface within the water sector in Australia and South Australia. Before joining the Institute, Kane had a joint-role with the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) and The University of Adelaide. In this role, Kane established and led many multi-disciplinary and multi-organisation projects focussed on providing new knowledge to directly inform water policy and management. The role has also included providing scientific advice to policy within the department and a research leadership role within the university. The focus of this work was on informing the implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.  

Kane has also previously worked at SA Water, as a consultant within the private sector, at Max Planck Institute (Germany) and at University of British Columbia (Canada). Kane has a PhD and Bachelor of Environment Science (Honours) from The University of Adelaide.  


Dr Alec Rolston, Research Manager 

Alec Rolston joined the Institute in 2021 as Research Program Manager of the Goyder Institute’s research projects in the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin program. He has extensive experience in integrated water resource management, integrated catchment management, drinking water source protection and wetland ecology, conservation and management across Europe and Australia.

Alec holds a PhD from the National University of Ireland Maynooth and has worked with An Fóram Uisce|The Water Forum and the Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland as well as the MANTEL Innovative Training Network across Europe.

Alec spent his early career in Adelaide working with Flinders University through the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLAMM) Ecology Research Cluster and within the Department for Environment and Water.




Daniel Pierce, Research and Development Officer

Daniel Pierce has managed research projects at the Goyder Institute for Water Research since November 2017 under both the second and third terms of the Institute.  

Daniel brings experience in project management and knowledge transfer and application from 4 years working as a Senior Hydrogeologist in the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) in South Australia and from 13 years of private sector work in environmental management, science and engineering in Australia and the South Pacific. His work with DEW has included providing technical advice to the development and revision of Water Allocation Plans around South Australia in collaboration with researchers and policy makers, and managing a team of groundwater modellers and hydrogeologists involved in an assortment of water resource management issues.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons, Environmental) and a Bachelor of Science (Geography) from the University of Western Australia.



Daniel Flaherty, Accountant

Daniel Flaherty is the Accountant for the Goyder Institute for Water Research. 

Daniel has extensive experience in higher education having worked in senior financial management roles at the University of South Australia, Flinders University and the University of Adelaide over the past 26 years.  Daniel has also been a Board Director on a number of university related entities.   Prior to that, Daniel has worked in a range of agencies in the Commonwealth and State Governments.

Daniel is a Fellow of CPA Australia and has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide.